Agency Selection Guidelines for 2022
Pocono Mountains Community Fundraiser


  • Recipient must be a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization serving the residents of Monroe County, Pennsylvania

  • Funds can only be utilized in Monroe County 

  • Agency must either be a direct service provider, or a Monroe County non-profit that will enable county direct service providers to develop efficiencies and improve direct delivery of services (thus maximizing impact).  


  • Agency must have a history of operations for a minimum of three years


  • Funds will not be considered for capital campaigns, annual funds, or endowments


  • Preference given to initiatives that support Social Determinants of Health-(SDOH). SDOH are conditions in the environment’s outcomes that affect a wide range of health issues and the quality-of-life. Conditions (social, economic, and physical) that are deemed by the sub-committee as a critical community need  


  • The following non-profit organizations are NOT eligible:
    • Political campaigns, candidates, parties, partisan activities, or lobbying groups
    • Individual churches or denominational/religious organizations that restrict services based on religious preferences.
    • Programs that benefit an individual
    • Emergency service organizations (e.g., police, firefighters, first aid)
    • Recreation leagues, or non-professional sports teams

  • Non-profit beneficiaries of the 2022 Pocono Mountains Community Fundraiser must wait a minimum of two years before re-applying. Organizations are eligible in the third year after being a recipient


  • Beneficiaries of the 2022 Pocono Mountains Community Fundraiser must provide follow-up documentation. This documentation will detail how the funds were utilized within six months of the date of the fundraiser


The application submission deadline is 4pm on Friday, June 24, 2022.

Any questions e-mail or call